Porcelain Crowns & Caps in Encino

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures That Last for Many Years

Sometimes services such as veneers or whitening are simply not enough to restore a damaged tooth to complete functionality. At Encino Dental Health and Cosmetics, we offer a variety of crowns that are designed to restore your tooth to its original appearance, both in its shape and its size. Talk to our Encino dentist today to learn more and set up an appointment!

The following are legitimate reasons to obtain a crown: Medical procedure

  • Root canal
  • Broken teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Fractured fillings
  • Large fillings
  • Purpose of cosmetic enhancement

Porcelain is typically the material used in crowns since it is extremely durable and closely resembles the appearance of natural teeth. Our dentist will meet with you to create a mold of your teeth and then design a crown that will fit perfectly over your tooth. To get started, call us today at (818) 788-1181.

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