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Encino Cosmetic Dentist


Your smile is the first thing that people usually notice about you when you meet. Teeth that are discolored or crooked can ruin your appearance. You can improve your smile and create a more beautiful appearance with help from a leading Encino cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of services that will give you a better smile.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin yet strong permanent fixtures that are placed directly onto the teeth. They can instantly improve the look of your smile, whiten teeth that are discolored and give teeth renewed shine. Veneers can also help to eliminate small gaps between teeth and improve the look of cracked teeth. An Encino cosmetic dentist will apply veneers expertly so that they will create a wonderful, beautiful improvement to your teeth.

Veneers are easy to care for because they are resistant to stains. To place veneers on your teeth they will need to be slightly filed to fit. Then the Encino cosmetic dentist permanently affixes veneers to the teeth, one tooth at a time. Generally, the front teeth are the ones that benefit from veneers.

Teeth Whitening

Professional teething whitening is a procedure that is completed in the dentist’s office. The dentist or assistant applies gel to the teeth. Then, light is used to activate the gel and produce whitening. You can usually whiten the teeth many shades. Whitening takes more than one session. Each session is less than an hour in length so you can easily get your teeth whitened on your lunch hour.

There are a few types of stains that cannot be removed through teeth whitening. A consultation with an Encino cosmetic dentist will help determine whether this is a good option in your particular case. If your teeth are dingy or yellowed due to age and wear, you can often obtain good results with professional teeth whitening.

Other Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Having routine dental work and repairs done can create a less than attractive mouth. An Encino cosmetic dentist can use a variety of dental options to make dental work appear more natural. Composite fillings are matched to the exact color of your tooth so that they won’t show at all. Porcelain crowns and bridges can be used to make your smile look natural. Rather than using metal materials, composite materials and porcelain will create a more beautiful smile.

With the use of these materials your mouth won’t show dental work. Even those looking at your up close won’t be able to see the difference between composite materials or veneers and your own natural teeth. These choices will give you a confident smile that you will be proud to show.

Veneers, teeth whitening and the use of composite materials are becoming more and more accepted in dentistry. The techniques and materials are state-of-the-art so that you will always be assured of leaving with a wonderful appearance and teeth that are strong and sturdy. You can get more information about our cosmetic procedures online or contact us for a consultation.

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