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Dentists in Tarzana

Dental care is important to your health and well being. You want to choose one of the best dentists in Tarzana to take care of all your dental needs including preventative, restorative and cosmetic services. Choose a full service dentist that offers high quality services and uses state-of-the-art equipment and procedures.

Preventative Care

Regular care of your teeth is essential. Have a dental exam done every 6 months to a year so that any problems or cavities can be found and cared for before they worsen. Taking proper care of your teeth includes daily brushing and flossing to keep decay from occurring. Dentists in Tarzana will show you the best ways to clean and care for your teeth.

In addition to your own daily dental care routine, it is a good idea to have your teeth professionally cleaned. The dentist or dental assistant will remove any tarter buildup and will clean between teeth. They can reach areas where that are difficult for you to clean. Regular professional cleaning will help prevent you from having dental problems.

Restorative Services

When you have a toothache it can be extremely painful. You need to contact one of the most reliable dentists in Tarzana to care for your teeth. The dentist will perform a complete exam and will likely take x-rays. This will help diagnose the situation so the dentist can determine the best options for treatment.

Simple cavities can be easily and painlessly cleaned and filled. If the decay is extensive it may reach the root. If that happens, the dentist may need to perform root canal therapy. A root canal sounds frightening but it is actually a pain-free procedure. The dentist will remove the root and clean out the area to get rid of any bacteria and possible infection. Then, the root can be replaced with a post and a crown can be placed on the tooth. This will generally take a couple of visits to complete.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The top dentists in Tarzana offer the best cosmetic dentistry services in the area. There are many cosmetic dentistry services that can help improve the appearance of your smile. Sometimes called a smile makeover, there are various techniques that will whiten and brighten your teeth and repair chipped teeth.

Veneers are applied over your teeth to create fresh, bright white teeth that are strong and durable. Veneers are made of porcelain and are permanently bonded to your teeth so they have a natural appearance. Teeth whitening can make dingy teeth shades whiter using a professional strength gel and light system. Invisible braces can be used to straighten crooked teeth without the unsightly look of metal braces. The dentist will evaluate your needs and together you can develop a plan for creating the smile that will change your life.

You can have a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth with help from our dentists in Tarzana. We are happy to help you achieve a wonderful new smile that you will be proud to shoe. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for all of your dental needs.


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